Last Sunday there were many questions about fasting, so I thought it good that a few things be said, that this powerful prayer aid might be better understood by our congregation.

First of all, if a person has any medical or physical condition which might be complicated by withholding food from their diet, speak with your doctor before implementing any day of fasting.

Basically, fasting is the denial of food for the purpose of fervent prayer. The idea is that whenever you crave your normal sustenance, when you feel those hunger pains, it is a reminder to pray. (Pray For That!) There are different approaches. Some may fast a particular meal each day, and pray at that time. Some may fast until evening, praying throughout the day. Some may fast completely, only drinking water or other liquids to keep hydrated. A person might commit themselves to a partial food fast, only taking in basic nutrition (Like bread, vegetables, or fruit-- sparingly.) and water. Whatever fast a person engages in, the point is that they are denying their “flesh”, and instead indulging their spirit in sacrificial prayer.

However, there other ways to fast. The important thing is that the flesh is being denied in a significant way. What is it that you really enjoy on a daily basis? It could be anything, like a favorite hobby or pastime. Give it up for the Lord, and whenever it comes to mind to do, pray instead. (Pray For That!)

October 2, 2011