In the Gospels we read of two occasions where Jesus was anointed with “very costly oil.” First by a sinful woman, then by Mary, the sister of Lazarus. In both instances the offering of worship was ridiculed as excessive and the worshipper scolded for lack of discernment. But in both cases Jesus came to their defense.

    He applauded the faith of the sinful woman and assured her that her sins were forgiven, remarking that she uniquely understood the purpose of His life and work.

    With Mary He exclaimed that her open act of worship would go down in history, shared wherever the Gospel went. Noting her lavish offering, He said she had spent her “very costly” gift in the right place. He explained the needs of this world will ever persist, but our opportunity to serve the Son of God by faith will pass with this life.

    Make sure your family is part of your church’s work in Jesus’ Name, and plan now for your Gift To The King.