We are in a battle, surrounded on every side by powers of darkness and of light! But you are not aware, perhaps. Such is indeed a great problem for one caught in the midst of an awful conflict! How is it that so many soldiers have lain there weapons down, and have tossed their very lives to the wind? Yet the battle rages while they skip carelessly across the field of conflict, slumbering foolishly while their fellow soldiers fight and fall all around them. What a sad and miserable sight indeed…if only their eyes could be opened and their hearts could be touched.

The servant of Elisha cowered in ignorance of his true allies, the angel armies of Heaven. The disciples of Christ were scattered while He Himself declared that He had authority over twelve legions of angel warriors! The apostle pleads with Christians not to be ignorant of Satan and his devices, let alone with the warfare that is waged over our very lives!

The church cannot afford the losses it has already yielded, but if it will take up the banner of prayer once more, and if her soldiers will take up their armor again, the war will be won, for the victory has already been assured! Jesus said that He would build His Church and not even the gates of Hell could prevail against it! But it must be His Church for His promised victory to be won. Many who claim His name, fall by the wayside because they were never truthfully His. But those who know Him, know His victory!

Our weapons in the fight are not carnal, they are spiritual, mighty in God for pulling down the strongholds of the enemy! Take up the sword of God’s word, let it be sheathed no longer! Let the two-edged blade of God’s word pierce between joint and marrow, and separate soul and spirit! Charge into the fray confident in the armor of the Christ-life upon you and within you, such hope of glory that overcomes the enemy attack and endures all things faithfully! Let prayer ascend from your lips, let intercession flow from your heart, let God be glorified as He fights for you and for your Christian band of saints and soldiers! May prayer so burden the soul that we would speak like Samuel did in saying, “Far be it from me that I should sin against the LORD in ceasing to pray for you.”

There it lies beside you. Pick of the shield of faith, for the battle is already upon us. CHARGE!