A recent article claimed 75% of America’s Christians skip church on any given Sunday. Another recent survey found that only 17% of our American population even attends church. These numbers are certainly not surprising to me, since most of those who call my church their home-church don’t bother to darken the door for any of our services let alone on Sunday morning. It’s no wonder over 4,000 churches shut their doors for good every single year. According to a scathing article in the Huffington Post from 2014, the American church is dying!
  While all the articles one might read blame the church’s modern irrelevancy for it’s decline, I find there is another more tragic reason: Christians are not interested in Jesus Christ, and through their very lives deny the Lord Who bought them!
  In the book of Acts we read that the Church was attended by those who were being saved, and guess what? The same is true today, for when a person is touched by the Hand of the Lord and filled with His Spirit, love and gratitude constrain them and pull them into God’s House. If you are not constrained by the love of Christ to even come to church, then perhaps the sadder truth is you have no love for Him.