As I look back on the lives of my grandparents, one thing is undeniable: Their testimony for Christ was paramount! What they said, what they did, where they went, how they lived, every aspect of their lives was judged through the lens of their Christian testimony. They were a couple who struggled to make ends meet, raising their children on tight budgets with hand-me-down clothes and pawnshop purchases. Grandpa drove a bus for the school district when he wasn’t working at his little country church. The family kept the grounds and cleaned the church together. They did not have much, but they served the Lord and that was everything. Grandpa said it best when he said, “When you pray for us, pray for souls!” He did not go around telling others how impoverished he was, and how he couldn’t afford nice things; he went around telling everyone how rich he was in Christ, sharing the Gospel! My grandparents did not waste their time taking selfies and drawing attention to themselves; rather they sought to draw the attention of as many as possible to the Cross of Calvary. They did not agonize publicly about every misfortune to come their way, but were convinced that this life was to be spent bringing glory to God in every circumstance. Their Christian testimony was the most important thing in their family. Whatever they did they did as unto the Lord. They though of Christ first in everything, and they exhorted their church members likewise to seek first the Kingdom of God. What is your Christian testimony? As His disciples it is our charge to cultivate one!