When Jesus endured His moments of greatest travail and heartache, He asked those closest to Him to be near Him and to pray with Him. Yet, though His need was great and His heart heavy, His friends slept rather than pray. “What! Could you not watch with Me one hour?” was His simple rebuke. Jesus understood the frailty of our wretched condition, affirming the weakness of our sinful nature to inhibit the work of God’s Spirit in and through our lives. “The Spirit indeed is willing,” He said, “but the flesh is weak.”

There is work to be done for the Kingdom of God and battles to be waged against the strongholds of Hell! This church must be able to count on Christian men and women to shrug off the temptations of
their own flesh for the cause of Christ. We need one another. We are a body; and if Christ is truly our Head, then we must follow His will for us, lest we be a paraplegic body, unable to accomplish anything meaningful for Him.

The Bible implores us to never forsake the assembling of God’s people, yet how often and how easily do so many neglect the Lord’s House, though the doors be open and His people are called to gather in His Name? Praise God that where two or three are gathered in His Name, Jesus is in the midst; for certainly a great and powerful blessing is received by those who deny their flesh to yield to God’s willing Spirit!

May the Lord help us this year to learn how great is our need, not only for Him, but for the Body of Christ! How many are sick and needy, yet fail to receive God’s healing and blessing because they despise the church of God and shame His people. (1 Cor. 11:22) Dear precious Christian, will you commit yourself to Him, to serve Him as a faithful steward of His riches and grace? Oh, how we need YOU!