PLAY DAY: How wildly inconsistent and sinful are many Christians in their treatment of God’s Day. They wash the children’s mouth out with soap when a lie is told, and yet these same Christians make a “Play Day” out of God’s Day. The same God that said, “Thou shalt not lie,” also said, “Remember the Sabbath day to keep it holy.”

Sunday trips, Sunday outings, PLEASURE, PLEASURE, PLAY, PLAY, while precious souls perish. No time for faithful church attendance, no time for service, no time to buckle down, no time to get into the battle against Hell, for some are too busy “playing.” My friend, if you make a “play day” out of God’s Day, WAKE UP, because “Pay Day” is coming. One day soon the Lord of the Sabbath will be your Judge. (Mark 2:28; Matthew 16:27)

A GREAT PRINCIPLE that needs to be recognized and accepted is that
one-seventh of every man’s time belongs to God. Not only one-tenth of our earnings, but one-seventh of our time. Does He ask too much? He who became obedient unto death, even the death of the cross; He who bore our shame and sorrow-- does He ask too much, play-day-Christian? MAKE A SHAME OUT OF GOD’S DAY, AND HE’LL MAKE A SHAME OUT OF YOU. Desecrate God’s Day-- play around, wash your car, mow your yard-- but don’t expect your children to be any better than you. “Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.”

God required death for a broken Sabbath in the Old Testament. What is He going to require today with the loose attitude and the old excuse of “the ox that falls in the ditch” every Saturday night? Christ is coming! Men are perishing! It is time to shoot the ox and get busy for God.

I challenge you, let your children grow up with the precious, priceless memory of parents who honored and kept His Day holy. Make it a day that’s lived for God and others, in which much time is given to God’s work and Word.

He that honoreth Me, him will I honor.”

Abridged and Reprinted October 21, 2012