A few months ago our church began a campaign to support missions year-round. Our annual December “Gift To The King” has grown over the past few years, and we thought it was time to go further. But it was more than that. It was designed as an opportunity for everyone to get involved, even those who usually feel they have little or nothing to contribute as far as supporting the church on a regular basis. So was born the Missions Box, and the idea that has become known as our Wave Offering, with our slogan Little is much when God is in it!

    Your Church has asked each person who calls this their home to give a dollar a week; but it isn’t just a dollar. It’s an opportunity to exercise faith. I hoped that people would see that even little is much in the hands of God, and that a dollar from you becomes so much more when it’s put together with a dollar from me and everyone else.

It’s more than just a dollar, it’s an experiment in faith, a step forward in God’s will asking Him to make this local church useful to the work of His Kingdom around the world. It’s more than just a dollar, it’s an invitation for everyone-- from little Sammy in the Sunday school to each of us in a pew-- to get involved in the Lord’s Great Commission to reach out to the spiritually lost and the physically needy.

It’s more than just a dollar pulled out your pocket or purse, it’s $68 in January, $93 in February, and $143 in March. It’s more than just a dollar from you, it’s $265 from our church! It’s more than just a dollar, it’s supporting church planting in Mexico, rescuing children off the streets in the Philippines, and evangelism in India!

So keep setting your dollar aside for the Missions Box, as we continue to lift our Waving Offering to the Lord every Sunday. Oh how a dollar is so much more when we place it in the hand of the Lord- together!