Jesus was the first to coin the phrase “Just Do It.” He said “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Just do it, even if it’s unto an enemy, love them. Just do it, even if it’s unto someone who spitefully uses and abuses you, forgive them and pray for them. Just do it, measure out grace to those around you, whether friend or foe. Give grace as you have received grace from the Father of Lights. Forgive as you have been forgiven, love as you have been loved. Obey the words of Christ, and just do it.

    You may be thinking, “Jesus generously handed out God’s grace and they nailed Him to the cross; and that’s how I feel treated when I try to be gracious.” True, Jesus was betrayed by those to whom He had shown grace, yet Scripture reminds that through His obedience He has been glorified by the Father, and given a name that is above every Name! Be mindful of your Heavenly reward; for our Father has promised us glory and crowns if we would but be faithful in handing out His grace generously and without discrimination. So keep your eyes on Jesus, and Just Do it.