The miracles that God constantly, consistently works for us as a church, and as families, cannot be matched! It is marvelous what HE does in answer to prayer. Perhaps the place we are weak is in facing up to the fact that God faithfully works miracles in this day, and that He works them for us.

    Let us never fail to praise HIM for that which He does. It is a miracle of God every time a soul is saved; every time the sick are healed; every time an unhappy home is made happy through Jesus; every time a backslider is restored to the fold; every time the power of God enables young people at school, men and women at work, to witness boldly for Jesus; on and on we could go.

    This we enjoy and revel in week after week. May we never take God’s wondrous working power for granted. May we as a church, and as families, ask great and mighty and unbelievable things of our Gracious God and Father. THEN as HE hears and answers, let us praise HIM as we face up to miracles.