There’s an old chorus we used to sing when I was a boy: Little is much when God is in it. It’s a Bible-based, time-tested truth of Christian faith. No matter how little and insignificant one’s contribution may be to the work of God’s Kingdom, the Lord is ever faithful to bless our efforts and honor our faith, to use us in spite of ourselves for His glory in accomplishing His purposes.
    And so my excuses of inadequate resources are invalid, and my sense of inability or insufficiency is truly nothing more than blasphemy in the face of my Master who has called me to His work, and has furthermore promised to enable me to accomplish that which He has ordained for me to do!

    His grace is sufficient, His Spirit is the Enabler, and His word is assurance that He will bless even the small things, using them to great and eternal ends. “Who has despised the day of small things?” the prophet Zechariah asked of Gods people; then he reminded them how God delights to see His people put their trust in Him as they put their hand to the work.
    The Father delights to see those who may doubt themselves, but trust in the Him nonetheless as they reach out to the task He has called them to, believing that little is much when God is in it!