While on his pilgrimage, poor Christian found himself suddenly caught in the mire of the Slough of Despond. Fortunately Help came to his rescue and pulled him out. Once planted on firm ground once more Help admonished Christian: “But why did you not look for the steps?” In Pilgrim’s Progress these “Steps” illustrate the oft overlooked and neglected promises of God.
    We say we believe in the promises of God: Good, as well we should. We sing about His promises, we consider the verse which calls them “precious,”, and we give mental assent to the notion that God makes and keeps promises, as rightly we must. However, have we taken one step upon the firm stones of His promises? How often are we stuck in the mire of despair because we have failed to keep His promises beneath our feet?
    God is faithful, and His promises are sure; but they are of none effect to the one who fails to notice them, let alone stand upon them. He has promised His presence, His power, and His purpose fulfilled in our lives, if we would but seek His face and meditate upon His Word. Will you seek Him? Will you present yourself before Him? Will you ask to be filled with His Spirit?
    If you draw near to Him, He will draw near to you...Guaranteed!