The True Church of Jesus Christ has always been a Missionary Minded one, a fellowship of believers with a heart for lost souls. From the beginning the Church has sent out missionaries to preach the Gospel of Christ and to bring His Light into the Darkness of Satan’s dominion.

The faithful Church has ever sent out and supported missionary endeavors, and so it is with our own congregation. We seek to serve the Lord by being faithful to His servants who are willing to go out and carry the Gospel abroad to new, and sometimes, very dangerous places.

Thus we support the Pieters Family in Mexico, the Valbuena family in the Philippines, and the work of India Evangelical Mission.

Both our weekly Wave Offering and our annual Gift To The King are sent around the world that the Gospel might be preached, and that we may have a small part in the great work of God’s Kingdom.

 Keep Giving, Keep Supporting, Keep Praying for our Missionaries.