My grandfather used to call our church to prayer in dramatic fashion. On a given Sunday Morning as he concluded his sermon, he would take the microphone from it’s holder, kneel beside his large pine wood  pulpit, remove his glasses, and say, “It’s prayer time in the old church.” He would have a deacon dim the lights and he would announce that the altar was open for prayer and that God’s people should pray. I’ll never forget those times: the way he knelt on one knee, the way he bowed his head, and the way he would pray. As a child, I would mimic him. I would kneel just so near the wooden leg of the pew, and I would pray like him.

Well, it’s Prayer Time at our Church! And our motto is, “Pray for that!” Whatever it is, large or small, Pray for that! Whenever you hear of someone’s troubles, Pray for that! When you are in need personally, tell someone close to you, Pray for that! No matter what: Pray for that! Let’s get used to praying without ceasing, Pray for that! Let’s learn to pray for everything, Pray for that! As Christians soldiers it’s time to face the enemy, tear down his strongholds, and claim victory in the Name of Jesus Christ! Pray for that!

The Prayer Calendar is up, so mark  your name on a day to fast and pray. We need committed Christians to separate themselves unto the Lord in joyful service. Who will fast? Who will pray? Pray for that! “Even them I will bring to My holy mountain, And make them joyful in My house of prayer... For My house shall be called a house of prayer.” (Is 56:7)

September, 25, 2011