Back in the Garden of Eden, after questioning the Word of God, Satan questioned the way of God. This is the same strategy he uses today. He slithers up to our friends, our children, and our neighbors and hisses in their ears, saying, “You know why you’re not supposed to do that? Because it’s really fun; and God doesn’t want that for you. He wants you to be restricted and miserable.”

Not true. As I tell my kids, “If you think sin is fun, if you want to eat from the tree of forbidden fruit, look first at another tree - the tree of Calvary - and you’ll see what sin ultimately does: it crucifies. And if you think God is holding something back from you, or doesn’t want the best for you, look at that tree again, and you’ll see Him with outstretched arms and nail-pierced palms, unequivocally proving that He loves you passionately.”