What an exciting prayer meeting we had here on Wednesday night! I’m, so glad I was a part of it, especially as one our dear saints spoke of a dream he had concerning our church; and I believe he spoke a prophecy over our church. The Scripture promised that God would pour out His Spirit in such a way that aged saints would dream dreams of His power and purposes, and certainly the Apostles admonish believers not to despise prophecies, and to take seriously the Spirit’s work.
    After such a blessed week here at our church, when we saw our largest Sunday evening crowd, it was so exciting to hear the Lord speak through a man of fervent prayer telling us this is just the beginning of great and mighty things. Our dear brother told us he dreamed of children singing “A Shelter In The Time Of Storm” and our church was full!

    That same night our ladies prayed over one of our dear sisters, who lamented how weary she was in her trials. The chorus of that song is “Jesus is a Rock in a weary land,” and I couldn’t help but wonder if even in this their was meaning. Their are people in our midst who are facing major conflicts and hard trials, people who are weary in their travails; but the word of the Lord has been spoken to those who have ears to hear it: Jesus is a Rock for you who tread the weary land of trial, and He is the Rock of our church as well.
    The Lord means to comfort those who are suffering, fearful, and grieved; but He means to do it through your church. Come out to Prayer Meeting and meet with us as we take our needs to the throne of grace. If you can’t be here, call the church and leave a message about your prayer request, or go online at our website and post your need for prayer on our Pray For That page... but don’t neglect to tell your church family of your trials, for we will not fail to pray for you!
    I believe one day the children will sing and we will rejoice in a full church, as God grants victory through our prayers, strengthens our people, and builds our ministry for His glory! All we must do is stand on the promises He has given us by His Spirit.