As a child I once encountered the strangest thing. As I passed through grandma’s kitchen, I noticed her long phone cord winding across the room leading to the closet. When I opened the door I found the cord leading to a drawer. I opened it and discovered someone had hidden grandma’s phone there. I quickly went to grandma and informed her of what I had found. But to my surprise grandma told me she had put it there...on purpose! When I asked her why, she simply said that she wanted some peace and quiet.

    That’s what my family did from time to time, and those my age and older probably remember doing the same thing. We would take the phone off the hook for some peace and quiet. We would disconnect from the world for a time, and reconnect with each other. But thesedays such a thing is unthinkable. So many can’t even consider living a moment without their phone: facebooking, googling, and constantly texting.

    It’s so easy for us as Christians to get distracted by the demands and expectations of the world; and so from time to time we just need to take the phone off the hook! As followers of Christ it’s vital for us to reconnect with the Master when His voice begins to be drowned out by the noise of life, that we might forsake the world rather than His House and His people.

    Don’t be afraid to give the world a busy signal when it calls. It’s time to seek the Lord, and it’s time to make His House our home. It’s time to reconnect with the Lord and His people. It’s time to honor our profession of Christ’s Name by honoring His commandments- which are not burdensome to those who love Him and His people.

    Unfortunately, many Christians develop a love for the world which overshadows the love they once held for Christ. They can’t put the phone in the drawer. They disobey the One who gave His life for them; they are ignorant of the fact that they are not their own. And so it’s time to seek the Lord... Are you willing? Then repent. Be willing.