The Bible asserts that those who come to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. The Lord works by His word in our lives, and that work is effective- it’s consequential- in those who seek Him and believe Him. To take the Lord at His word, and to believe Him, is to open one’s life to the effective work of the Word of God. The Lord God has promised to honor His word, and will not allow it to return void unto Him. He will accomplish an effective work in the life of any believer who will by faith appropriate the power of His word, which is indeed, the power of God in the world.

     This effective work is illustrated in the Scriptures in various ways: First, a person is born again by the incorruptible seed word of God, which regenerates the dead spirit of a sinner. The word washes us, that we might be presented before Him without spot or wrinkle. The word of God is life and sustenance to the spirit of man, and is to be fed upon daily as bread. The word of God is living and powerful, able to pierce deep, dividing soul from spirit, and discerning the thoughts and intents of one's heart. The word of God will effect powerful change upon a surrendered life.

     No wonder Paul declared that the grace of God was given to Him by “the effective working of His power.” God will honor His word. God will work in your life effectively and powerfully, and all that is required, is that you simply answer the call of His Spirit to your spirit. Are you listening?