Jesus didn’t look like much of a King, especially sitting upon a donkey and riding into a city where His fame was controversial at best. Indeed, He was a man of the people, yet He had failed to gain the approval of most of the influential and powerful. This, however, did not prevent many from shouting their adoration and showing their great love and respect for Him by casting their garments beneath His feet. Jesus was King over some that first Palm Sunday, but certainly not King to all. As He entered triumphantly into Jerusalem those whose hearts had been touched by God received Him, and those whose hearts were calloused by pride rejected Him.
  It seems the same is true in our day. Jesus continues to seek and to save; He continues to reign over those whose hearts are touched by God. However, there are many today who will not have this Man rule over them; there are many who resist His love, who question His wisdom, and refuse His Kingdom. Just like old times, many of His own reject His Kingdom. He is at the door seeking entry into our lives. Some will let Him in; some will lock the door and close the curtain.
  It’s time to confess which side we truly stand on, and decide if we will stand for Him. Will you cast your garments before Him, that you might follow after Him clothed in His righteousness? The King is Coming!