My grandfather had occasion once or twice to call for my attention directly from his pulpit. I would be giggling or talking with someone and my grandfather would call down from his pulpit for me to be quiet. I remember him once asking my mother to round us up and keep us quiet. It was a fearful thing to disrupt the service.   

    And so I learned a thing or two about church etiquette. I learned to be reverent during the service, and quiet during the message, and above all else I learned to never disrupt the invitation. I learned that church was a holy and special place where the Spirit of God was at work in the lives of His people, and that I should never be a hindrance to Him, or a distraction to His work. I learned that the posture of my heart in church must be one of humble reverence and spiritual awareness.

    When I come to church and take my seat in the Lord’s House, the posture of my heart should be as my physical posture, humble in the presence of the Lord, seated in His presence. I am not there at my convenience, I am there at His command. I am not there because I had nothing better to do, I am there because He is the Master. I must expect to hear His voice, and be ready to obey as my heart is convicted.

    When I sing in church I am praising my God, and I am giving worship to my Redeemer. I am not to excuse myself from the part of the service which I am to be most engaged in. I am not to keep my mouth shut and my heart closed out of dislike for the music or my own shyness. I am called to glorify the Name of Jesus with a joyful noise and a grateful heart. I am to put His glory before my excuses.

    Church is the place where I am to be equipped for service, exhorted in my faith, and encouraged in my Christian walk. It is not an option that I may or may not exercise, it is a fundamental necessity for growth in my relationship with Christ-- and how dare I treat it as anything less than holy, for the “gospel came...not simply with words but also with power, with the Holy Spirit and deep conviction.” (1 Thess 1:5) 

    What is the posture of my heart? I can tell by my presence in church and my behavior at Church. Examine your posture; it’s time to seek the Lord.