On Thursday Chuck Smith, founding Pastor of Calvary Chapel, passed away in his sleep after a two year bout with cancer. Smith served the Lord for well over 60 years, and his influence has even been felt in our church. He baptized my wife, Marie, and I have been greatly touched by his ministry and his books.

    When I think of godly men who have left a great example to follow I think of my grandfather, Pastor Jerry Osborne, and I think of Pastor Chuck. Men who surrendered their lives to God and sought His Kingdom first in everything. Though they have gone before us they have left a great legacy for us to learn from and to imitate. Their lives challenge us to examine our own commitment to the Lord, and whether our lives are worthy of imitation by those we will leave behind one day.

    As Pastor Chuck used to say, “One day you’ll hear that Chuck Smith
died- don’t believe it! I haven’t died, I’ve only moved out of this old tent into my Heavenly home!” And how often I heard my grandfather quote the old poem, “One life ‘twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.”

    These men understood that Heaven is all that matters. Being prepared for Heaven by the blood of Jesus; serving the Heavenly Kingdom by the Holy Spirit; and giving all glory and praise to the Father in Heaven. Are you seeking first the Kingdom of God?