God bless you! And He will, as you purpose that from now on, until you leave this world, the first 10% will be God’s. I have God’s Word on it, that He will open the windows of Heaven and pour out a blessing! So I am glad for you. (This is what we always taught our own children.) Of course, it makes the church stronger, because another member has become obedient in the area of his money.

I believe it is God’s plan that a church be sustained by the obedient members of the church; but whether the church members are obedient or not, the church will be triumphant! For we look to the coffers of God for what we need. And praise God His bank is never busted.

After 40 years in the ministry, I know this for sure-- that a church is making a big mistake if they are counting on some discouraged, backslidden Christian for sustenance. No, we must look to God’s coffers which are overflowing with gold, silver, precious stones, power, love, and all we need. I wanted to put this in here that you might truly know that my rejoicing over your determination to tithe is because of what it will do for you, and your family, as well as your church.

Pastor R.G.  Osborne
Community Bible Church, 1952-1997

Reprinted October 9, 2011