Old-Fashioned Sunday? What's that?!

Like the prophet of old said as he admonished God’s people, “It is time to seek the Lord, till He comes and rains righteousness on you.” As a Church, Old-fashioned Sunday is a day set aside for the kindling of the Holy Spirit’s revival fires. It is a time to evaluate your life in the Light of God’s Word, and examine your heart under the conviction of God’s Spirit.

    It is a day for us to look back and be inspired by those who have gone before and have left us a legacy of faith and godliness. That’s why we dress up in our 1860’s Sunday best, remembering the days of circuit riding preachers, big tent revivals, and saw dust trails leading to old-fashioned altars, with supper on the grounds under the light of kerosene lanterns.

    It is also a time to look forward by faith and pray that our lives might be useful in the hands of the Master. It’s time to seek the Lord, it’s time to get serious about being Christians, unless, like the apostle declared, you have believed in vain.