"Gospel" means "Good News"...

Jesus came to save,

so GET SAVED now!

All Are Separated From God
The Bible informs us, that we have all been separated from God by sin. (Romans 3:23; 5:12/ Isaiah 59:1-2)

Doomed, But Given A Way Out
Under God’s righteous Law the cost of sin is death. Since we have all sinned before God, we are all doomed to be separated from Him, forever suffering the torments of hell. But there is Great News: we have been provided a way out; given the free gift of Eternal Life, through JESUS CHRIST. (Romans 6:23/Isaiah 53:5)

The Gospel Of Jesus Christ
Even though we are sinners, God loves us so much that He sacrificed His Only Son, JESUS, in our place, that we might be reconciled back to Him. JESUS is our Salvation from the wrath that we deserve. (Romans 5:8-11/Isaiah 53:10-11)

But, You Must Believe To Receive
You must only repent of your sins, believing that JESUS died rose again. Then confessing that JESUS is Lord, you will find Him to be a Perfect Savior, and when you leave this earth, you will go to Heaven to be with Him forever. (Romans 10:9-10)

For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Son, that whoever believes in Him should never die but have eternal life.”
--John 3:16


We urge you to Repent and Believe. 

If you place your faith and trust in Him, then remember the promise of Romans 10:13-- Jesus promised to save, and He has.

We would love to hear about your confession, and to be of any help we can in helping you  to learn more about Jesus Christ!

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